This is preliminary summer school program! Organizers reserve right for changes.

Credits for the course are 2 ECTS.

Each day of the summer school has specific topic.

First day (Monday) is dedicated to UAVs as a platform, it has demonstrations from various developers and distributors in the afternoon and ends with ice-breaker party.

Second day (Tuesday) starts the main section  of the summer school that describes different sensors, common applications and workflows for data acquisition and analysis.

RGB cameras are the most common and widely used and therefore start this section.

Third day (Wednesday) is "outside-of-the-class" and we will travel to Lake Peipsi and back with historic barge! You can network with participants, enjoy riverside wetlands and we will also fly UAV's if the weather permits. We will meet at 9 in front of Sisevete Saatkond.

Fourth day (Thursday) gives an overview of the multi- and hyperspectral cameras, 

Fifth day (Friday) brings us to laser scanners (LiDARs).

Sixth day (Saturday) is a LAB day there you will have a chance to prepare and analyze real world data from UAV-s.

Detailed preliminary program 

Lectures include multiple hands-on exercises, bring your laptop with you.

LAB is a chance to get your hands dirty as our supervisors guide you through the workflows that use real world data. Participant can choose between two groups: first group  will start from the most basic 3D model and orthophoto generation from common UAV RGB images using structure-from-motion methodology. If your are a beginner choose this group.

Second group dives deeper into the point clouds with help of the lastools software package.  Focus is on the advanced processing of UAV LiDAR and photogrammetry point clouds as the high point density calls for a number of additional complexities. Second group is suitable for people interested of lidar processing and/or are already familiar with basic structure-from-motion workflow.

Personal laptop is required in both cases!

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