Confirmed lecturers are:

Martin Isenburg. Martin Isenburg received his MSc in 1999 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and his PhD in 2004 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA – both in Computer Science. Currently, he is an independent scientist, lecturer, and research consultant. Dr. Isenburg has created a popular suite of LiDAR processing software modules called LAStools that is the flagship product of rapidlasso GmbH, the company he founded in 2012. See http://rapidlasso.com for more information.

Jere Kaivosoja. Jere Kaivosoja (MSc) is a research scientist in an applied research institute Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). His expertise is in geoinformatics, remote sensing, cartography, GIS and GNSS solutions. Since 2010, his research has included UAS and hyperspectral imaging applications especially in agriculture. In those applications, he has been doing sensor development, drone operations and development and data analysis.
Åke Sivertun. Professor em. at the Swedish Defense University in Technology in support of IC4 and Associate Professor in Informatics, esp. Geo-Informatics at Linköping University (LiU). Works from 2017 as project manager for a four year Vinnovaprojekt - Testbädd UAV Västervik In cooperation with RISE SICS EAST.  He has worked within several EU projects that enable remote sensing to detect threatening natural  and man made disasters and projects for using GIS to identify risk areas, propose preventive measures and support crisis management in all sectors of society and in addition, projects on agricultural and use of LiDAR and hyperspectral sensors in forestry. 
Marko Kohv.  Marko Kohv (Phd) is a researcher in Department  of Geology, University of Tartu. His primary research interests are related with wetlands and geological  3D  modelling. Marko got his first UAV in 2013 and has been building, upgrading and flying ever since.
Edgar_seppEdgar Sepp.   Edgar Sepp  (MSc) is a geoinformatics specialist in Department of Geography, University of Tartu. His primary expertise is in geoinformatics, including photogrammetry and post-analysis like classification and object delineation. 
Anna-Liisa Padar. Anna-Liisa Padar is from Estonian Aviation Academy and  will speak about UAV regulations. She is 2018 graduate of the Estonian Aviation Academy and joined EAA's RPAS Laboratory support team. In addition to academic duties she is an active member of Estonian Defence League’s Cyber Unit in the field of UAV operations.




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