Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have torpedoed into earth sciences during last couple of years. Enormous potential and freedom that they give to scientists is more and more evident each day. They are in the edge to be in the common "toolbox" for every scientist in the very near future. Yet few universities have UAV courses in their program and therefore it is quite hard for most of us to get a solid introduction and overview of the myriads of different UAV set-ups, sensors and associated workflows.

Now is your chance to get all of this during six day summer school in Tartu, Estonia.
Check out the program and register to the summer school!

  • ak_laukasoos_droonitamas.jpg

    Laukasoo bog, in Estonia

  • droonitamine_soos.jpg

    Soosaare bog, in Estonia

  • umbusi_drooni_leid.jpg

    Happy reunion in Umbusi bog, Estonia

  • lennuk_laiali.jpg

    Building a new bird

  • edgar_octa_1.jpg

    Testing octocopter

  • edgar_octa_2.jpg

    Octocopter testflight